YOUTH 2019-2020 season (mites)

Ages 8-12 Mites

 All players do technical training, on their  assigned days. Through out the year players may have the option to join up-to three technical training's a week. Technical training consist of skill specific development, progressed through out the year. We use physically literacy base training, confidence building, proficiency in a group, scrimmages, just a few of things covered throughout the year

This group consists of beginners to intermediate players, provides an opportunity to develop a fundamentally sound skill base. Youth ages 8-12  are evaluated, assessed. and then placed on teams for the season. Teams are made up with similar age, and abilities. The teams will have the option to participate in tournaments through out the year on there team, or on combined teams.

Teams play once a week, and have access to several technical training sessions through out the week. Team practices will be arranged among the teams. In a team setting players develop a healthy competitive spirit, sportsmanship, commitment to practice, and team work, goal setting and more.

Games for mites will tentatively be held Friday evenings.

-Mites (8-12) *beginner    division - Training, and games.

-Mites (8-12) *advanced   division - Training, and games.

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2019-2020 Grassroots programs


2019-2020 GRASSROOTS PROGRAMS available for beginners ages 4-7. Each player will participate in drills, and games practising and learning the fundamentals of basketball, sportsmanship, goal setting, team working, and building confidence.

-Grassroots - Monday Sessions from 6pm to 7pm @ Father Michael Mireau

-Grassroots - Wednesday Sessions from 5pm to 6pm @ George P. Nicholson

-Grassroots - Saturday Sessions from 1pm to 2pm @ Shauna May Seneca

*Each player will receive there own ball to take home and practice.


Grassroots Program (4-7 years) introductory to basketball.

Receive Instruction from our technical trainers using various methods of physical literacy to introduce players to the fundamentals of the game, building confidence, athletic development, sportsmanship and more.


Mini's-Apply skills to games

Apply skills to games- With skills being learned in practice ,our Mites program allows players who have completed the grassroots program to learn more advanced drills, and a chance to play  games, grow confidence, while learning the rules of the game.


2019 Fall Season - Youth Basketball Registration