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Code of conduct

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Pro-Am Youth Basketball(paybb)

Pro-Am Youth Basketball is a community based volunteer club that creates positive opportunities for youth to develop personal and technical skills through flexible basketball programs. Safe and rewarding experiences are supported by a strong network of coaches, officials and parents.

The PAYBB Vision

To develop life skills and foster positive personal growth through a comprehensive program of recreational and competitive basketball

The Values of PAYBB

  1. We value the dignity of the individual and the power of teamwork.
  2. We believe in equal playing time for all participants. 
  3. We value the development of life skills, self-fulfillment and self-discipline.
  4. we believe in having fun and enjoying the game, while respecting teammates, coaches, officials and opponents.
  5. We value and promote the game of basketball through cooperative partner development. 
  6. We believe in positive, supportive environment for all participants. 
  7. We value and encourage volunteer participation. 
  8. We believe in skill and social development, exercise, and a life long love of the game. 
  9. We provide programing that is flexible and available to all who choose to pursue the game of basketball.